• Medical Equipment & Systems is working in the medical field since 2004. Our group deals only in goods related to the medical field. The group employs over 500 people and is entirely and totally focused on the medical field.
  • It is the single largest medical related group in Pakistan with the consequent in depth contacts at every decision making level in the government as well as large private institutions.


  • Medical Equipment & Systems was created in 2004 for dealing exclusively in sophisticated medical electronic equipment.It holds exclusive sale/service rights of various internationally reputed manufacturers.Due to the background of the group and the goodwill as well as established contacts  enjoyed by the group with most of the medical institutions and centers Medical Equipment & Systems has achieved a phenomenal growth in its sales figures from year to year

Having headquarters at Lahore and Area Offices at all major cities in Pakistan, Medical Equipment & Systems has a strong hold on the market for sale/service in the following areas.

  1. Government Hospitals:  Provencial as well as Federal Government, Railways, Army, WAPDA (Water & Power Development Authority), Government & Semi Government Hospitals
  2. Largest suppliers of sophisticated Ultrasound equipment and Color Doppler in Pakistan, having supplied such equipment to almost all the teaching and important hospitals in the country for Radiology, OB/Gyne, and Cardiology specialists.
  3. Besides regular supplies to various medical centers Medical Equipment & Systems has, among its customers some of the most prestigious hospitals where major Radiology Departments are almost exclusively equipped by it.
  4. Medical Equipment & Systems is committed to providing quality after sale service, with large investment in spares in stock, expensive test and QA equipments and highly qualified trained, and experienced engineers